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A customizable and user-friendly single-page website to help your audience navigate all your links

Social Media

Advanced social media strategies with posts to help grow your small or medium business

Internet Ads

Creative and attention-grabbing ads that builds awareness of your brand

Quick Video

Make a first impression that sticks with your customers and drives traffic


A 24/7 way to communicate with your customers when they need you most

Augmented Reality

Custom designed 360-degree AR filters for social media

Push Campaigns

Cost-effective ads that establish your brand and drive massive traffic to your target audience


Incentivize your customers and make more sales with fun, gamified rewards

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Internet Ads for Telco Promotions

Together with Costa Rica’s main teleoperator, we launched “Nos botamos ¡porque sí!” in 2021.

With the help of People Ads, we reached 187.9K web visits and more than 49K subscribed users in 3 months.

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"People ads allowed my company to set up a digital marketing campaign in a very practical, fast and cost effective way."


Export Americas Corp.

Social Media


"The two products they offered me are very good, their social media plan got me a lot of exposure."



Social Media


"Excellent service, I hope to work with you in the future."



Social Media


"I like the music, how delicate the cups look, the colors, I wouldn't add or subtract anything."



Social Media


"They showed me that if you want your brand to really grow you have to dare to change and be guided by those who do know."


Dara Magazine